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Carla Cross           
Real Estate Trainer

From her almost three decades as a real estate practitioner, Carla Cross has built a reputation as the contemporary authority on creating exceptional productivity and profits from people. Carla Cross has shared her systems for peak productivity in her presentations, leadership productivity consultshop systems, and coaching, to thousands of real estate professionals from New Zealand to Canada.

Just a note to tell you what a great job you did at our Yearly Kick off Meeting for our Agents. You kept their attention and taught them many excellent skills. The piano demonstration was wonderful! Look forward to having you motivate them in the future. Thanks!
Michael Seay, Vice President and Director of Sales, W. C. & A. N. Miller Realtors, Washington D. C .

There's No Substitute for Success through Experience

Carla's experience in management with two of the strongest regional companies in the U. S., and her regional leadership developing market centers for the fifth largest firm in the world, has given her the breath of knowledge, experience, and success record that managers and owners find invaluable. Plus, her exceptional sales record (in the top 1% of her 500 agent company) makes her credible to real estate agents.

An Acknowledged Productivity Expert, Carla has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, dozens of radio programs, and has written hundreds of articles for newspapers, newsletters, and real estate magazines. She's also been featured as a real estate expert in Cosmopolitan! (no, not the cover!)

Creator of the best-known, most used new agent start-up plan in the world, Up and Running in 30 Days
She's been a presenter at the last 14 National Association of Realtor Conventions
She has been the choice of CRB for their featured speaker at the last 3 NAR conventions
She's appeared on CNN and CNBC, as well as dozens of radio programs
She's been published over 200 times in major real estate magazines and newsletters
Carla is a National Association of Realtors National Realtor Educator of the Year
She's a Washington State Realtor Educator of the Year
She attained status as a master level CRB instructor, instructor of the Certified Real Estate Broker designation (CRB); author of several CRB Managers' Courses, including the business planning course
Carla's leadership products are partnered for sale by the National Association of REALTORS Managers Council (CRB) because of their quality Many of Carla's products for agents are partnered for sale by the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) because of their quality
Writer: four sales and management training workshop comprehensive programs for the largest real estate franchises in the United States and abroad (including Re/Max Eastern Canada, Re/Max Europe, Re/Max Israel, Royal LePage, GMAC)
Creator, Carla Cross Coaching, a productivity-focused coaching program for agents, managers, and assistants
Popular Real Estate Author--Adds to Carla's Credibility
The author of 6 nationally published real estate books, Carla is also the creator of many popular programs for agents and managers, systems to increase productivity and profits

Speaking and Coaching Specialties

Management: Recruiting, productivity, retention strategies/systems, training, mgmt. consulting
Keynotes, seminars on high productivity systems for agents
Business planning workshops for agents/companies
Company/Association retreat facilitation for change, business planning, teamwork, management
Coaching: Up and Running Team Coaching for New Agents, Career Achievement coaching for experienced agents, Leadership Mastery for owners and managers

Carla Cross was a hit with our members! She was easy to work with, rolled with the punches, and had a great variety of topics to choose from. Carla made our event a true success!
Karla V. Murphy, Director of Education & Marketing, Greater Louisville Association of Realtors


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