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Michael Russer           
Real Estate Trainer

For nearly a decade, Michael Russer, a.k.a. Mr. Internet, has been revolutionizing the thousands of lives he has touched. His vast understanding of the issues that agents face everyday make his strategies inspiring and applicable. Agents all over the world are using his strategies to take back control of their professional lives. Michael teaches agents how and where to find support, transforms overwhelm into opportunity, frustration into action and burn-out into a renewed enthusiasm and drive.

Michael's down-to-earth, appropriate style makes his remarkable innovations not only accessible but also fun! Michael uses a unique combination of humor, personal stories and interactive techniques to leave his audiences feeling empowered and excited. With his practical, ready-to-use tools, business owners across the country are finding out how they can immediately increase their productivity and profitability both on and offline.

Real Estate Redefined... Success Faster

Programs to teach business solutions: Turn Procrastination into productivity and overwhelm into effectiveness!

The bottom line in today's competitive world is that if you can help your agents become successful quickly they will stay in the business longer. This means that you look like a hero to your agents; you receive agent loyalty and a strong bottom line to boot! As an industry trainer for the last decade, Michael Russer knows the troubles that agents can encounter in this demanding and competitive industry. Michael realized that these problems weren't due to lack of ideas or information. Agents were simply having trouble implementing the strategies they were learning. By creating a business model that gives agents a simple, stress-relieving model for their business, Michael has made implementation and follow-through effortless! Agents all over the world are calling his innovative new business solution the "missing link between knowing what to do and getting it done!"

This ground breaking business strategy exponentially increases the effectiveness of Michael's "Mr. Internet" Online Sales Success programs, as well as the programs of any other speakers that you may have. Your agents will finally see real results when they discover how easy it can be to implement the amazing programs and strategies they have been wanting to try. Get your agents the information they need to get the results that they want!

In Michael's upbeat and highly interactive programs your agents will:

  • Discover how to double their productivity without adding hours
  • Experience the power of team support without major cost and hassle
  • Breakthrough overwhelm and frustration once and for all
  • Implement a proven business model to increase their effectiveness, sell more houses and enjoy their work again

In addition, you can still book "Mr. Internet" to teach your agents to:

  • Uncover the secrets to selling succesfully online
  • Quickly turn "Clicks-to Closes"
  • Fix common website mistakes that repel prospects
  • Automatically turn any site into a magnetic prospecting machine
  • Navigate the Internet superhighway to win (for beginners to the advanced internet-savvy agent)

Are your agents?:

  • So overwhelmed they miss business opportunities
  • Either too busy and burnt-out, or constantly waiting for listings
  • Frustrated by the lack of predictability in their business
  • In one of three modes: "Hurry up!" "Catch up!" or "Fed up!"
  • Wondering why their website aren't making money?

They may be doing business the hard way! They can't afford to wait any longer to see how extraordinary business can be with the right business solutions!


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